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 This is a collection of the 10 most influential albums to me and my music.


Pet Shop boys- "Please"
This was the first times I heard music on the radio and thought it could be special and for me. I was walking around the house singing Love Comes Quickly, Opportunities, Suburbia and West End girls. My dad bought me this on 12" vinyl. That was the first time I realized music could exist outside of the radio. You could actually just listen over and over to your favorite songs with head phones on in your bedroom.

The Smiths- "The queen is dead"
This is the album that changed my life. I heard this being played in a creative writing class in Junior High and I was just blown away. What was Morrissey singing about? how was he singing? None of these songs were top 40 or even top 100. The idea that musicians made records that were not played on the radio and somehow they found there audience just rocked my world.

Depeche Mode- Music for the masses
My love for Depeche Mode comes down to the songwriting. Martin Gore could play any of his songs on an acoustic guitar or a piano and they are brilliant. add dave gahan's voice, and alan wilder's sounds and they owned the world with this album.

The Beatles- Sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band
I fell in love with music in the late 80s being turned on to "New wave" music. My dad then gave me a valuable education into music from the 60s. Sgt Peppers had emotion, depth, surealness, rock n roll and a sense of humor.

The Doors- strange days
I did not want to learn only one style. I liked how the doors were very original and yet strangely top 40 friendly. Your lost little girl.

The Velvet Underground -Andy Warhol
This record taught me that great songwriting is what matters foremost. Sunday morning, Femme fatale, I'll be your mirror and There she goes again. With all do respect to lou and the gang this album made me realize you did not have to sing great, play guitar great or have an amazing studio set up if you had great songs.

Cocteau twins- victoria land
This album taught me about atmosphere. I was focused on lyrics, chords and melody and then Victoria land showed me that a delay pedal and some overdubs can be epic. This album was a duet. Just Robin and Elisabeth.

Red House Painters- (Rollercoaster)

Low- I could live in hope

Slowdive- Souvlaki


Map is one of my favorite bands. Their album "Secrets By The Highway" is one of the finest albums in my collection. If you are unfamiliar with Map's music here is a song off their latest album "Lonliness is Dangerous"

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