Artists Picks of 2004

Here are a few Artists that we asked what
their favorite releases of 2004 were.

Note: Some of the lists are in no special order. Some of the albums
were released prior to 2004.  But were new to the Artists

*- denotes it being released prior to 2004

Compiled By: Anthony P. Hanna



Wayne Everett

(The Lassie Foundation, Cush,
Starflyer 59, The Prayer Chain)
label: North
ern Records

. Autolux- "Future Perfect"
Frank Lenz- "Conquest Slaughter"
. Silversun Pickups- "S/T"

. Snoop Dogg- "Rhythm & Gangsta"
. Brian Wilson- "Smile"
. Richard Swift- "The Richard Swift  Collection Vol.1"
. Giant Drag- "Lemona" *
. The Stratford 4- "Love & Distortion" *
. Midnight Movies- "S/T"
The Lassie Foundation- "Face Your Fun"



Adam Fein

(Gazelle, Cortisol, Absinthe Blind)
abel: Parasol Label Group)

10. The Cure- "The Cure"
9.  Snoop Dogg- "Rhythm & Gangsta"
8.  For Stars- "It Falls Apart"
7.  Wilco- "A Ghost Is Born"
6.  !!!- Louden Up Now
5.  Guitar- "Honeysky"
4.  The Arcade Fire- "Funeral"
3.  M83- "Before the Dawn Heals Us"
2.  Tears For Fears- "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending"
1.  Mercury Rev- "The Secret Migration"


Josh Dooley

(Map, Starflyer 59)
label: Velvet Blue Music

. The Kings of Convenience- "Riot on a Quiet Street"
Air- "Talkie Walkie"
Eminem- "Encore"
. Frank Lenz- "Conquest Slaughter"
Stereolab- "Margarine Eclipse"
Franz Ferdinand- "S/T"
Pedro The Lion- "Achilies Heel"
Starflyer 59- "I am the portuguese   blues"
The Shins- "Chutes too Narrow "
- "You are the Quarry"



Marc Byrd

 (Hammock, The Choir,
Glassbyrd, Common Children)

1.  The Church- "Forget Yourself"
2.  The Album Leaf- "In a Safe Place"
Blue States- "Soundings"
3.  Airiel- "Crackled Ep"
5.  The Dead Texan- "S/T"
6.  Landing- "Sphere"
7.  Patty Griffin- "Impossible Dream"
8.  The Cure- "S/T"
9.  Pan American- "Quiet City"
10. Wilco- "A Ghost is Born"
11. Interpool-  "
12. Air Formation-  "StayInside/Feel   Everything"



Mark Nicks

(Polyvalent, Cool Hand Luke, The Chariot)
label: Flood Gate Records

1.  Keane- "Hopes and Fears"
2.  Muse- "Absolution" *
3.  Aireline- "The Winter Song EP"
4.  Air- "Talkie Walkie"
5.  Beck- "Sea Change"
6.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Fever To Tell"
7.  Interpol- "Antics"
8.  Anathallo- "Hymns"
9.  Converge- "You Fail Me
10. The Chariot- "Everything Is Alive..."




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